Thursday, 11 April 2013

don't poke fun at mental illness.

Recently I read an article in the Huffington Post about McDonald's apology to the public for the "You're not Alone"- Millions of people love the Big Mac.

The ad is a picture of a woman with her hand on her head. It really seems as though they are poking fun of mental illness. I'm surprised McDonald's would even allow such an ad to be put through. If I was working at an ad agency, it's my responsibility to make sure to speak to the brand of McDonald's. That's why I was wowed by the advertisement.

Well at least McDonald's did the right thing by apologizing. That's actually the only thing they could have done, or else they would be experiencing a nasty brawl.


Monday, 1 April 2013


As you all know, this weekend we were on holidays and so was my blog! 
Sorry for that. But I am back and I will have two posts this week. 

I have one more week of school left. It is a bittersweet feeling. I thought I would be jumping with joy but having a consistent routine for the last two years is going to make me miss the school.

I have grown so much these past two years and have gone through many struggles. I'm not saying the buck stops here but my personal growth has been immense and I thank it to this program and my family and friends who have stuck by my side through it all.

I am so excited to start the next phase of my life-be it the challenges, happiness, struggles etc. I will face, I believe I can do it all. You know why? "If you are put in a position where you are to complete various tasks that you never thought you could and even if you think it's the best work you have done and you get it back with an auto-fail or a fail because an instructor felt it wasn't - that means you are learning and you will do better next time AND you can take up any challenge that comes your way."

That's what I got out from most of my assignments. Regardless, a mark will never define you. It is the way you learn and what you take in while learning. Plus, having instructors believe in you always helps.

I wanted to share a quick recipe that helps boost my energy through it all.

1 tsp protein powder (I love the French Vanilla flavour)
1 tsp peanut butter
1 tsp of walnuts
Cup of Almond Milk
Handful of frozen mangos (Or any frozen fruit you love)

optional: handful of kale or spinach 

Magic Bullet it and voila you have a delicious, high in fibre protein shake.

My goal for the upcoming year- get up early every morning, work-out and work even harder to succeed for the future!