Sunday, 27 November 2011

times are changing.

I was on one of my favorite news websites- BBC, when this article caught my eye.

Iraq gets first all-female taxis

It hit me right then and there that, yes, our world is slowly but surely changing and progressing. I think it's so important for women to grow and see their potential. I know for many years in my life, I didn't take the time for myself to realize what was important to me and what wasn't. I put other people's needs before my own. And now that I am getting older and yes I can say a bit wiser, I am in a very content position in my life.

I have a lot to learn but reading stories about women who take a chance for themselves to better their lives and the future generation is inspiring. It inspires me to do better.

We live in a world where women are constantly judged. More frequently I've noticed women judging women. I can honestly say, I hate it. I hate when women say "oh that girl isn't pretty", or "that women is like this etc." It's frankly disgusting. And I don't like it because I know there was a point when I was younger and would look at women and judge their beauty.

It was insecurities in myself. But now that I am growing up, I realize that women are so much more connected in ways we don't even care to realize.
It's so important for us to stick together instead of judge one another. Look at this article. It's women who came together and said "Yes! It's not always safe for us to go out, so let's do something about it to make it safe!"

Simply wonderful!

Monday, 21 November 2011

a thousand words.

The sky is the limit.  Laughter is precious and this picture is absolutely priceless.

The story behind this picture is about a young woman named Aasttha Khajuria. She decided she would leave her comfortable life in Edmonton and volunteer her summer educating young children in the slums of Mumbai. 
This story is not about what she taught when she was there but it's about how volunteering makes such a difference in an individuals life. Be it for a second, minute or lifetime- it makes a difference. The smile those children have on their faces is simply priceless. They appreciate the simplest moments. The moments of learning, laughing and loving.

Though Aasttha is back in Edmonton, she will never forget those moments she shared with those children. She will forever cherish her first time volunteering in a country she could call home and also take back what she learned and share it with everyone around her.
"The love I felt for those kids was something I never thought I was capable of feeling. These kids were so happy being who they are. They weren't jealous of anyone or anything," Aasttha said.

When I looked at this picture, all I did was smile. Aasttha has been my best friend for over 10 years and to see her go out and do her little part in trying to make a child smile who doesn't have the same privileges as we do, was so very precious. I feel in a world where everything is fast paced and we get caught up in the rat race, we never seem to take the time to appreciate what we have. We take in too much stress that only causes negativity. So instead of being negative in life; simply be positive. 

Take the time today and make someone smile. Be it for a minute, second or lifetime :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Don't worry, this post is not about actually kissing. Though it would have been an interesting post. It's rather a song that got me through this weekend- filled with writing, writing and MORE writing.

Enjoy :)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Uptan- Natural Indian Beauty

When I was younger my mom would make a paste base for me and would tell me to put it on my entire body as it would exfoliate my skin. I finally found out what her secret was. It was called- Uptan.

Uptan is as follows:

whole wheat flour
sugar cane (sugar crystals)
milk ( or you can use rose water)
sandlewood powder
 (Many people have different ways of mixing the paste together, but the main ingredients needed are turmeric, sandalwood powder, milk or rose water)

Step #1: Add Flour, Sugar and Turmeric

Step #2: Add Milk



MIX until it becomes like a paste


In Indian weddings, it is common for the groom and bride to have a separate Uptan ceremony. It is said that Uptan cleanses the body and soul. It leaves the skin feeling cool and fresh.