Saturday, 14 April 2012


Yes, I read another article- an article on whitening vagina's, or more so a critical view on a video posted by Fair and Lovely on whitening downtown.

Women in this world I feel the pain you have to go through because I have to watch bullshit videos like this. Like really, do we need to make women feel more marginalized and discriminated against? Like REALLY, really you HAD to take it to THAT level.

Fair and Lovely product should be called unfair and ugly. You know why? Because you are making women feel more self-conscious, more focused on things that are NOT even wrong with them but make them feel bad about it. It's an on-going cycle- so brown women (specifically in this post since you are the target audience) say no to this bullshit. That's the first and last word that comes to my mind. Bullshit.

I recommend you read the article Lindy West wrote, and watch the video. It should entertain you for a couple of minutes-  irritate you- and make you call it bullshit, like I did. Enjoy.

Oh let me correct one thing. It's for Clean and Dry in this case not Fair and Lovely- same thing in my eyes. 


  1. First statement: Wow.
    Second statement: Not surprised.

    The Filipino culture has a similar fascination with fair skin, and bleaching is a common procedure for celebrities and wealthy families to do back in the Philippines. This is the first time I've heard of a bleaching product for this area though, as I've seen "whitening" body washes for sale back in the Philippines and at Asian supermarkets in Winnipeg.

    My only hope that the popularization of this product is a fad, but this is, of course, wishful thinking.

    I also wonder how safe it is to use bleaching products in that area. *cringe*

    Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. I think it's important to voice opinions to show how repulsive this industry really is.

  2. Hi, I'm an Indian girl, living in Belgium, a West European country.
    I'm adopted. I'm dark-skinned.
    I've never felt conscious about my skin, maybe because a lot of people like tanned or darker skin.
    I agree with you that this 'fair and lovely' industry is very 'unfair'.
    Yes, off course, light skin has a long history, even before modern times.
    But I don't understand why people accept this as a 'dogma'.
    There are so many different people living in India, why only This One Ideal?

  3. Unfortunately, I do not know the root history of when skin lightening/ fair skin became the ideal colour in some parts of the world but i do feel acceptance of it has decreased a bit. Maybe it's because women like us are confident in our skin colour? Or we are educated enough to know that if people don't accept us for who we are then we are not meant to have them in our life.

    Now, it has a lot to do about making women and men feel beautiful in their own skin instead of insecure. It's an ongoing battle.

    Thank you both for your wonderful insights!

  4. Indians (Asians in general) are so hypocrite about this issue. I had a relationship with an Indian man.
    He said I was so beautiful. He had this modeling site; I looked at it and I saw a only white-skinned Indian people.
    There is protest against this ideal. If you search the Internet there are a lot of complaints. But no one seems to complain in public.
    And then there are this celebrities that say they won't endore fairness products. They don't have to complain. They're 'fair'.