Wednesday, 29 August 2012

again and again.

Remember my "Vagina" post? (skin lightening cream for women in their vagina area).

Well you won't believe this or maybe you will but one of my classmates sent me a link about "Indian Vaginal Tightening Gel". Yes, they have a new invention where a woman's vagina tightens making her feel like a virgin again!

I can't help but laugh in this matter. Maybe because I think it's so incredibly ludicrous that I take it as a joke or maybe the fact that there are companies out there that ARE stupid enough to make a product like this.

When I read that article, all I could think of was the fact that, the people who invented this product are most likely paedophiles themselves. Like, when they sat down and decided to do this, what did they think? "Oh, so women feel loose? So let's tighten them up"

Ultratech owned by Rishi Bhatia - the maker of tightening gel said "It's a unique and revolutionary product which also works towards building inner confidence in a woman and boosting her self esteem," says Mr Bhatia, adding that the goal of the product is to "empower women". (BBC News)

As a woman, I ask myself how will a vaginal tightening cream empower me? I can't seem to come up with any answers, can you?  Even if it is to empower women that have been sexually exploited will it empower them? In my opinion, the only way they will feel empowered is if they feel good about themselves within. It is all in the mind-beauty is all mental not physical.

Furthermore, Bhatia adds that it makes a woman feel 18 again. Well, if he did his research, majority of women lose their virginity well before 18, so I don't know what audience he is speaking to and why he feels the need to bring a patriarchal view back to a culture that is trying to evolve from that?

It is very mind-boggling. Personally, I feel they should come out with more awareness campaigns accepting women for being who they are instead of shunning them for not being virgins.

Come on people it's the 21st century! Please expand your minds not close it.

Video of the "Indian Vaginal Tightening Gel"


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