Thursday, 25 October 2012

what do I really believe in?

Yesterday was Dussehra- a Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good over evil. It marks to end of Navratri- a festival dedicated to worshipping Durga- goddess of strength. It is also the beginning of autumn and considered an important time for climatic and solar junctions.

But for me it's a festival where I can't drink alcohol or eat meat for nine days. I never understood why, but made assumptions that it's a way to 'purify' the body and mind.

I've already seen a difference in my face where all the icky-ness that was in my body is now showing on my skin. I am pimple-fied. (Basically, my skin is breaking out). But that's the least of my worries.

What I do enjoy about this festival is the last day Dussehra. Not because I can continue enjoying my vino but rather that act of removing all evil around me.

The morning of, you write your name in Hindi on a new book (new beginnings), and take a leaf, put it behind your ear, go outside and  throw it on the outside ground.

The significance of the leaf and throwing it downwards on the ground signifies the killing of  Raaven "Satan,demon, evil".

I felt a sense of relief at that moment. It has to do with all the negativity that's been around me for some reason this past month. It seemed as if everything was spiralling downwards. However, having killed evil yesterday morning my mind seems more clear.

Now this could be because I'm allowing myself to clear my mind and body or maybe there is someone above me assisting me to think more positively and to remove all evil. (Self-reflection for a moment)

What are your thoughts on removing evil, is it all within and/or someone above helping to remove it?

burning of the Raaven - Demon (happens every year on Dussehra)

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