Thursday, 10 January 2013

so much to say.

So much has happened this past holiday in the news. First the Connecticut shooting and secondly the Delhi rape victim.

I have a lot to say about both but this post will focus on the Delhi rape victim. My ma was the one who told me about what happened. My first reaction wasn't shocking as I've heard many stories in India where women are raped and abused and there's no cry out, except this time. It's very unfortunate what happened but it's important that it did- to teach a lesson.

When I'm in India, especially in smaller states like where I was born- Allahabad- population of 1.74 million, I feel very cautious of how I present myself. This is because whenever I go out, my sister and I get stared at like vultures. It's quite disgusting but it's something we have taught ourselves to ignore. And, that's just it. We teach ourselves to ignore the wrong to protect ourselves when we shouldn't even have to.

It's time India changes their way of thinking and it's time they talk about sex. First, educate children at a younger age about sex. It's still very hush, hush there and if it's understood at an earlier age of what's wrong and right then maybe such problems wouldn't arise so often. If I understand correctly sex education isn't taught at most high schools in India or at all?

And in all honesty it's time citizens of India get taught about sex because come on,  India has a population of 1 billion or more so it's time they open there eyes to that option. It will leave less children in poverty, it will help the overall culture and hope to free the country as a whole into an open-minded way of thinking. - That's purely my thought on it.

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