Thursday, 14 March 2013

the pain never goes away.

The past two days I have been at the Convention Centre listening to my fellow classmates IPPP's (Independent Professional Project Presentations). What a fun ride it has been hearing everyone's journey along the way and the challenges/successes they've faced. Congrats to all of them!

My good friend and classmate, Dave Baxter did his IPP on Manitoba Cold Cases. This is about the many missing women/ men in Manitoba.  When I was listening to his presentation, I was thinking about the time my ma told me a story of her cousin who went missing in India and has yet to be found. Then, today, at work, I stumbled upon an article about the Nepali Civil War which happened nearly six years ago. In it is a woman named, Purniyama Lama holding a picture of her husband, who she's waiting for to return to her. He was taken away and rumours have it, he was killed.

Be it anywhere in the world, we all share a story and like Dave put it "the pain never goes away."

courtesy of bbc- Purniyama Lama 

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