Sunday, 18 September 2011

it's raining MEN.......uh ohhhh......

I usually never pay attention to my sister's mail, especially the monthly magazines she gets from CMAJ-JAMC- Medical Knowledge That Matters but the other day I did.
"The consequences of son preference and sex-selective abortion in China and other Asian countries"

That was the cover of the magazine. The most interesting part in this article was instead of emphasizing men as a preferred sex they make mention of the fact that women are less discriminated against and are becoming highly valuable.  THAT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!! 
"As numbers of women in society fall, they become more highly valued and their social status increases" (quote from the mag) 

It even mentioned in the article that in 2005 it was estimated that there was a  1.1 million excess males born across the country then females. These stats are INSANE! The sad part is, is now because of this problem, men ages 20-27 are not getting married or reproducing and this could lead to psychological problems. 

At the end of the day, people need to get it together. Men and women are just as valued and important as anything else. So whoever dares to sex-select- RETHINK your thoughts and LOVE your child be it a male or a female. 

You can refer to the article by going to this website:


  1. Very fascinating! But really, what did they expect. Killing a potential daughter=killing a potential mother.

  2. Very thought provoking post, Priya!
    Do you think that the imbalanced population ratio will positively or negatively affect women's rights movements in Asian countries?

  3. Well I hope it will positively affect the women's rights movement and it should because it is giving a different perspective on the topic. Normally we are always told on the stats of things and in this article it is twisting it around and giving a 'light' to the topic of women in countries such as these. I hope that the women's right movement will take this into consideration and discuss it with younger generations who are starting a family, that women ARE just as important as men- reproductively, socially and economically.