Thursday, 2 February 2012

happy veg!

I've been officially vegetarian for 33 days! I have 332 days left to go! I guess I should tell you why I became vegetarian. I felt I had to do 'my' part. It started off from watching documentaries.One being HOME (you can watch it on YouTube)
Conveniently new years was coming up and I decided YES I can finally make a resolution and ACTUALLY go through with it!

The observations I've made so far being veg is, I get intoxicated way FASTER. I have minimized how much I consume on the weekends (added health benefit). I eat way more vegetables than I would of when I used to eat meat. I am constantly eating, but in a healthier way. I can see better (ha just kidding,broccoli has YET to have that affect on me). But overall I feel better!

My protein is mainly from lentils and beans. I usually have 'daal' which is yellow lentils. Below is a recipe on how to make it. Overall, it has been a great 'life' decision and not a difficult transition at all! 


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