Friday, 3 February 2012

do not harm children.


I recently read an article from BBC News online called
"Shocking story of a battered toddler". It's about a young child who was brutally beaten, with human bites all over her body, broken arms and a 'partially' smashed head. She was taken to a hospital in Delhi.

After reading this short, brutal article, I am questioning who is at fault? Who is to blame for this act? The person who did the act? (Of course the  person is to blame, because why in the hell would they even dare to touch a child who did no harm to them! ) I do not mean to sound as a person who is full of hate, but at this moment in time I cannot even fathom how there are people out there who even think it is okay to do such disgusting, hurtful acts.

The government of India? Why is it so common in India for acts to even exist and persist. It's not even shocking anymore to hear such issues. That's what's so wrong. It should not be common.

It is said that 11 children in India go missing every hour!  If that is the case why isn't the government of India doing anything more to stop it? India is a rich, vibrant, beautiful country. It has the resources to educate human-beings. But why is it so divided? Is the real issue that humans want to be able to differientiate with one another? To be divided into social classes and only help themselves and not a country as a whole?


A day after reading the above article, I kept questioning what the government of India can do to change such acts from happening. Then, I was on my Twitter and a Canadian article came up and the headline wrote "Saskatchewan couple guilty of neglect after girl starved, kept in basement."

You can read the article for yourself. But it was interesting how coincidentally I happened to read both articles during the same time.

So my new questions and thoughts on this matter are, if acts such as these are happening mostly everywhere what can we do so stop it?
Canada does not lack anything. We are a VERY rich country full of opportunities and resources.  Education is right in front of us!  So what happened?  
I know that's a very broad question... But it's important to ask these questions and attempt to solve them. 


Comments from the Winnipeg Free Press Article: 


10:52 AM on 2/3/2012
This is tragic to no end. One cannot but feel grief on behalf of the child who has received such despicable treatment. Yet, so many questions remain. What evidence did the Judge find extensive and compelling ? What will become of the child? Why do we still struggle with this type of behavior in our society? The question begs, What are we still doing wrong? Hopefully, this is another good day for our Justice system.

Blue Eyes

3:19 PM on 2/3/2012
Why did they ever fight for custody of her in the first place when they so clearly despised this little girl? She'd have been no worse off as a ward of CFS. What terrible, terrible people. That poor little girl will be scarred for life. I pray her next home is a loving one.

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