Thursday, 15 November 2012

keepin' it real.

My mom and I recently watched a Bollywood film called "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" (Until I live). It was your typical love story where a man and a woman fall in love, they can't be together due to circumstances and live without seeing each other for 10 years. I won't ruin the end for my audiences who may want to watch this film.

What I noticed was one of the lead actresses, Katrina Kaif who is stunningly beautiful looked a bit different in this film. Her face looked different, a lot different. She got botox and collagen on her lips.

Personally, it's really up to a person if they choose to do that to their face. I can understand that being in the public eye isn't easy and you have to meet people's out of the norm expectations but is it really necessary to make your face look expression-less when you're in a profession like acting?

Plus, why doesn't our culture embrace age and everything that comes with it? Wrinkles are beautiful and I have always thought they were. It shows a person's character and the life they have led. Especially when I watch films, I find that the beauty in such a career lies in the expression.

We live in such a unrealistic world. It's always about 'looking good', having a nice body both for men and women, making sure you are always 'groomed'. Sometimes I wonder why we have such ideals? Yes the media plays a huge role in it but when did we start defining what 'beautiful' was.

Why the long lashes and thicker drawn in eyebrows? Why the hairless body? Why the big boobs and big ass or small boobs and small ass when all of our bodies are made so differently? I can go on for hours.

Let's keep it real people because anyone who truly loves you, accepts you for you - even with the pouch on your stomach, or the hairy legs in the winter (ha) and of course the beautiful wrinkles.

 BEFORE                                                                                                     AFTER

TRAILER FOR JAB TAK HAI JAAN (the songs are great in it- my favorite is Heer)


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