Thursday, 7 February 2013


I've always loved children and even though I would never think of having them for my own, I knew in the back of my mind there would come a point where I would.

I also confide in my doctor a lot. I've changed doctors over the years because when I was around the age of 19, I felt more comfortable with a woman doctor which ended up leading me back to my family doctor. He's someone who really cares for human beings and someone I trust.

Now here is the issue.

When I read articles where doctors tell other women lies that they have cancer in the uterus and have to get a hysterectomy- then I become VERY angry inside.

This is happening in Rajasthan -north-west of India as I write this.

Women are confiding in doctors, saying that during menstruation they are bleeding heavy. The doctors recommend they get there uterus removed because they say they 'MIGHT' develop cancer.

Many of the women in the article were reluctant of getting the surgery but they did because the doctor told them so. Did I mention the doctors get paid $200 which is equivalent to 10,644 rupees. For some people, especially in this village it means selling there house and/or animals and hope to survive in this tough world.

Not only that but most of the women who get these surgeries are physically tired and cannot do 'normal' activities like they used to.

This article doesn't have to do only with the lack of education but also dishonesty. If my doctor told me, Priya, if you don't get this surgery your life will be ruined- I would think for 2 minutes and end up getting the surgery. This is because we often trust people who have vowed to take care of humans. Not only that but we simply trust our doctors.

It's sad. It's sad because we live in a world where greed means more than the value of human beings.   

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