Thursday, 28 February 2013


Last week I was in India. I can't even believe last week, this time I was in Delhi, shopping with my family and eating yummy food on the streets.
It was a hectic, yet wonderful experience. It's been 22 years since I've been back with my entire family. It's always been either my sister and I and/or with my ma, but this time it was the whole fam jam.

All I can say about India: ORGANIZED CHAOS. You wonder how people survive in such a country where if you aren't up to pace then you are cut from the entire crowd and considered an outsider. A country where respect is number one, yet if you come from a lower social class, others treat you with disrespect. Where anger is not the solution, the answer to everything is "don't worry, it will get done." And, as a matter of fact everything does work out. Nothing is ever planned.

In a way it's overwhelming, crazy, out of control type of lifestyle, but the other way I look at it, is it's different. It's a different outlook on life and one the key attributes I learnt through this particular experience is patience is a virtue.

Travelling for 10 days wasn't easy, especially since my entire trip revolved around going to this store, after this store, after this religious place etc. It was a go, go life but luckily being in a program that's taught me to balance certain tasks, I felt I could handle it, or at least my mind could. My body on the other hand feel sick 4 days into the trip. The flu got the best of me, and now back in Winnipeg, I am left with a sinus infection.

Was it worth it, you may ask?

Yes, every experience is worth it. Be it good OR bad.

All I can say-  family comes first and everything else is the many added benefits to the nourishment of my life.

Cousins and I the first night in Allahabad - Gunjan Didi Wedding.

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